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Acudetox for ADD/ADHD

Treating ADD/ ADHD with Magnotherapy

See also : Use of acupressure magnetic pellets  in the treatment of ADHD by Michael O. Smith, MD - Lincoln Hospital (Bronx New York)

ADD ADHD Alternative TreatmentMagnotherapy is the practice of placing small magnets in very specific Auricular Acupuncture (ears) points on each ear. The best case scenario is to compliment the treatment by using Acupuncture Detoxification (Acudetox) where 5 needles are inserted into various points in each ear. Read more »

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ADD | ADHD | Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Definition

What is ADD / ADHD? According to

adult-adhd-add-attention-deficit-disorderThe Basics

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder — also referred to ADD or ADHD – is a biological, brain based condition that is characterized by poor attention and distractibility and/or hyperactive and impulsive behaviors. It is one of the most common mental disorders that develop in children. Symptoms may continue into adolescence and adulthood. If left untreated, ADHD can lead to poor school/work performance, poor social relationships and a general feeling of low self esteem. Read more about the basics of ADHD….. Read more »

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ADD ADHD Symptom Diagnostic Test

Attention deficit disorder symptom testBelow is an adult symptom test with symptoms unique to the attention deficit disorder adult. This self test a source of information for the adult trying to determine if attention deficit disorder might be present in their life.

Adult add symptom test:

If you experience more than 10 points on this adult add self symptom test attention deficit disorder is likely present….. Read more »

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